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July 21, 2005

by J

Justice! ... Uhh... Some day.... not today, though...

There was a thread running through the campaign that one of the reasons it was important for all of us grumpy and dissatisfied indies and Deanies and Greens to support John Kerry was "the Supreme Court, stupid!" Well we did, and he lost, and here comes Bush's first Supreme Court nomination (rightwing, anti-liberty corporate hack with a nice smile) and the Dems are offering up their usually tepid, appeasing response. Steph Dray wonders whether they're really all damnable cowards after all:
But some of you seem to have forgotten that there are other consequences of losing that election--one of them being that we absolutely must show the public what Democrats stand for. I've been calling for us to pick a fight, and duke it out in public. But all of you here have been saying, "Oh no, save the fight for the Supreme Court."

And though I didn't always agree, it made sense. I understood what it was about. It was reasonable and logical strategy.

But now, here it is. Here's the fight you were waiting for. And where are you fighters at the dailykos now? "Uh, um, let's save the fight for the _next_ Supreme Court seat." Right.

I begin to wonder if Democrats will pick any battle, anywhere, ever.
Aside: And, oh I am ill. I started reading the thread and Armando is all upset about being called a coward. WTF.
Posted by J at July 21, 2005 11:27 AM

J: thought you might be interested in this:


Something I got going on the side. We're talking about Howard Dean today.

Posted by: NYCO at July 21, 2005 9:21 PM

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